The Strand

  • Client:
    Berkeley Homes St Edward
  • Location:
    Central London

The Strand, which runs alongside the north bank of the River Thames, is historically known for its important mansions being built and several authors living in the location. As a result of the history and glamour the setting holds; this part of London is also known for its prestigiously priced properties.

Aqua Platinum were appointed as the swimming pool designers and vitality pool specialists for a high-end property in the area. The project also includes deluxe steam and sauna rooms.

The vitality pool, equipped with air and water jet features, releases a calm and detoxifying atmosphere. With the bespoke pool reaching temperatures of 38oC and stepped wall jets; customers of the tranquil facility are bound to leave with a relaxed body and mind.

Our Aqua Platinum interpretation of the Sauna design boasts all health benefits, including muscle relaxation and the lowering of blood pressure. Whereas the completed steam room boosts overall detoxification of the body, through the moist and purifying mist.

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