London Dock | Wellness Facilities

Project Details

Client: St George PLC
Location: St. Katharine Dock

Steeped in heritage and elegance, St Katharine Docks serves as a base to a collection of high-status apartments, restaurants and bars. Whilst not only aesthetically pleasing, the Docks have some of the best transport links in London. On the north side of the river Thames and in close proximity to the Tower of London and London Bridge, it’s no wonder why this area is home to affluently priced properties.

In addition to the swimming pool, Aqua platinum were selected as the spa designers for this particular project, to include a bespoke vitality pool, two bespoke saunas and a luxury steam room. The vitality pool includes two stainless-steel massage cannons to give residents a stimulating hydro-massage, while simultaneously introducing an attractive decorative element to the vitality pool.

The inclusion of a sauna and a steam roomboasts various health benefits, they are both great for clearing the skins impurities as well as release tension and toxins from your body. Saunas are great for muscle relaxation and lowering blood pressure whereas steam room are great for overall detoxification for the body.