Kensington House

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Aqua Platinum are delighted to have been appointed as the spa designers for a stunning leisure complex in Kensington. The scheme will include a bespoke standalone spa, harboured by a concaved alcove and enhanced with a delicate gold glass mosaic design. Ambient wall lighting will create a calming atmosphere, with additional illumination from the foot of the mosaic plinth.

The traditional steam room and luxurious sauna will feature marble deep back seating with smooth, rounded contours and angled grooves. A system of design will allow the efficient flow of water in these areas, including weep-holes in the spine of the marble; predominantly to prevent the static collection of water.

The delicate choice of a light to mid-tone marble will compliment the subtle tones within the room, aiding elegant aesthetics and creating contrast with the golden sauna design.

Staircase number three, the main staircase in this area of the complex, will be built to follow up from the below level and advance to the treatment room at mezzanine level. The proposed linen velvet runner to the stairs will form a charming walkway from one floor to the next.

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