Project Completion | Nine Elms

Aqua Platinum and Telford Homes Redefine Luxury Living with Rooftop Infinity Edge Pool & Spa Project in Vauxhall

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Aqua Platinum and Telford Homes, a prominent London-based property developer, have unveiled a stunning rooftop infinity edge pool and spa project in Vauxhall, South of the Thames. Nestled near the iconic Battersea Power Station, this ambitious endeavour aims to redefine luxury living and elevate the residential experience for residents in six distinctive buildings.

Commissioned by Telford Homes, the visionary project encompasses two towers standing proudly at 17 floors each, two buildings of 13 floors, and two more at 12 floors. This dynamic mix of residential units and first-floor shopfronts contributes to the vibrant architectural landscape of the Vauxhall neighbourhood, creating a versatile and interconnected living space.

At the heart of this grand development lies Aqua Platinum’s rooftop infinity edge pool and spa, poised to become a focal point of luxury and relaxation. The architectural design seamlessly integrates the pool and spa facilities with stunning panoramic views of the London skyline, creating a serene oasis high above the bustling city.

The infinity-edge design, a hallmark of Aqua Platinum, allows residents to enjoy an uninterrupted visual connection with the surrounding landscape, enhancing the sense of space and tranquility. With meticulous attention to detail, the rooftop oasis promises to be a haven for residents seeking a premium living experience.

Aqua Platinum has brought its innovative design philosophy to this project. The pool and spa are carefully designed to blend seamlessly with the modern aesthetic of the Telford Homes development, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality.

Beyond its aesthetic and functional appeal, the rooftop infinity edge pool and spa project aims to foster a sense of community among residents. The carefully curated design encourages social interaction, providing a space for relaxation and recreation with neighbours against the backdrop of the captivating London skyline.

As the Telford Homes development nears completion, the rooftop infinity edge pool and spa by Aqua Platinum stands out as a symbol of luxury, innovation, and community. This collaborative effort has not only elevated the residential experience for future inhabitants but has also added a landmark to the Vauxhall skyline.

Sophie’s Legacy | Charity Ball

Aqua Platinum Proudly Supports Sophie’s Legacy: A Remarkable Evening of Giving

At Aqua Platinum, our commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond creating luxurious aquatic spaces. We are immensely proud to stand firmly behind and support Sophie’s Legacy charity, a cause that resonates deeply with our values. In a heartwarming collaboration with Sophie’s dedicated mother, Charlotte Fairall, we recently had the privilege of orchestrating the remarkable Black and Gold Charity Ball at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton in September 2023. The event surpassed all expectations, raising a remarkable amount of nearly £30,000!

Aqua Platinum took an active role in organising various aspects of the event, ensuring its success. We were delighted to secure the talented Paul Martin as the event host and entertainer, adding a touch of glamour to the evening. Collaborating with Marcos Aranibar from Flamingo Boss, we facilitated the donation of a 360-degree photo booth and enlisted the skills of two talented magicians to captivate the audience. The enchanting musical performance by Molly Jackson further added to the magical atmosphere of the night.

The Black and Gold Charity Ball was a whirlwind of excitement, featuring auctions, raffles, and heartwarming donations that collectively contributed to the astonishing sum raised. Abi Rose, the saxophonist, and the extraordinary Jazz and Swing artist, Amy Baker, provided captivating performances that resonated with the spirit of the evening.

What made the event even more poignant was its timing, coinciding with Childhood Cancer Awareness month. September holds a special significance as it marks the month Sophie tragically left us, making this event a powerful reminder of the ongoing battle against childhood cancer. The overwhelming support and dedication showcased by local businesses, coming together to champion Sophie’s Legacy, added to the heartfelt atmosphere of the evening.

Sophie’s Legacy aims to illuminate the paths of children and parents facing adversity, and the Black and Gold Charity Ball exemplified the unwavering commitment of Charlotte Fairall and her exceptional team. Aqua Platinum Projects, ONE Pool by Aqua Platinum, and Aqua Platinum Servicing Ltd extend our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this remarkable journey. We are honoured to have played a role in this extraordinary event and look forward to exploring further ways to support Sophie’s Legacy.

Project Completion | 45 Bishops Avenue

Aqua Platinum Unveils Spectacular Residential Project in North London with State-of-the-Art Indoor Pool

Aqua Platinum has proudly completed its latest residential masterpiece in North London. This exceptional project not only exemplifies Aqua Platinum’s commitment to excellence but also introduces a stunning array of aquatic features that redefine modern luxury living. Stretching the boundaries of conventional expectations, Aqua Platinum has seamlessly integrated an indoor pool that not only serves as a recreational space but also as a visual spectacle.

One of the standout features of this aquatic marvel is the incorporation of a contrasting feature tile that adds depth and character to the pool area. The meticulous selection of this feature tile not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also creates a harmonious blend with the surrounding design elements. It’s a testament to Aqua Platinum’s attention to detail and dedication to creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

Complementing the feature tile are the exquisite pearl iridescent mosaics that adorn the pool, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication. The interplay of light on these mosaics creates a mesmerising visual effect, turning the pool area into a captivating oasis of tranquility. Aqua Platinum’s commitment to using high-quality materials is evident in every aspect of this residential project, ensuring a timeless elegance that will endure for years to come.

To add an element of versatility to the pool, Aqua Platinum has incorporated a slatted cover that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. This innovative addition allows residents to control the exposure of the pool to natural light, providing a customisable environment for relaxation and recreation. The slatted cover also contributes to the overall design aesthetic, seamlessly integrating into the architectural vision of the space.

Beyond the pool itself, Aqua Platinum has embraced a holistic approach to aquatic design by incorporating a captivating water feature. This dynamic element not only enhances the visual appeal of the pool area but also adds an auditory dimension, creating a multisensory experience that elevates the overall ambiance of the space.

Aqua Platinum’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of aquatic design is evident in every facet of this North London residential project. By seamlessly blending form and function, they have created a space that not only meets the highest standards of luxury living but also sets a new benchmark for innovation in residential aquatic design.

For any enquiries or any further information on similar projects, or how we can help you, please do contact us at Aqua Platinum.

New Collaboration | The Whiteley London

Aqua Platinum Projects Collaboration with The Whiteley London for Iconic Landmark Transformation

In a remarkable partnership, Aqua Platinum Projects is joining forces with The Whiteley London to redefine the landscape of luxury living. This iconic landmark is undergoing an extraordinary redevelopment, bringing together a consortium of the most talented architects and developers of the moment to breathe new life into an architectural gem.

The ambitious masterplan for The Whiteley encompasses a multifaceted transformation, introducing 139 high-specification new build private residences, the UK’s first Six Senses hotel offering 110 rooms, 14 Six Senses residences, and a members’ social club and wellness spa, as well as 20 carefully curated shops, cafes, modern restaurants, a cinema, and a state-of-the-art gym. This project represents a convergence of creativity and vision, with the aim of creating a world-class destination that seamlessly blends historical charm with modern luxury.

Conveniently located just a short walk from Hyde Park, Westbourne Grove, and Notting Hill, The Whiteley also boasts excellent transport connectivity from Paddington. This prime location enhances the appeal of The Whiteley as a desirable and accessible destination for residents and visitors alike.

As part of the spectacular redevelopment, Aqua Platinum Projects is proud to contribute to the allure of The Whiteley by introducing a stunning feature pool at the entrance. This aquatic masterpiece is poised to become a focal point for residents, offering a visual and sensory experience that complements the overall aesthetic of the development.

The entrance pool, meticulously designed by Aqua Platinum Projects, is more than just a recreational amenity; it’s a symbol of opulence and sophistication. The design seamlessly integrates with the historic surroundings, reflecting Aqua Platinum Projects’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of aquatic architecture.

“We are delighted to be a part of The Whiteley London’s transformative journey. The addition of our feature pool is a testament to our dedication to creating immersive and luxurious aquatic experiences that enhance the overall ambiance of this iconic landmark,” says Holly Wylie, Operations Director at Aqua Platinum Projects.

As The Whiteley London undergoes this remarkable metamorphosis, Aqua Platinum Projects invites residents and enthusiasts to follow the journey of this collaborative venture on our social media. Stay tuned for updates on the development, as Aqua Platinum Projects continues to redefine luxury living through innovation and artistry.

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Project Completion | Phoenix Place

Luxury wellness amenities completed in the heart of London

Aqua Platinum Projects are delighted to showcase one of their recently completed luxury wellness facilities at an iconic location in London.  The former Royal Mail sorting office in Farringdon is fast becoming one of London’s most desired residential locations. Aqua Platinum, together with McAleer & Rushe worked in partnership to build this luxurious new wellness facility.

The wellness area has been built to the highest specification, featuring a freeboard lap pool, vitality spa, sauna, steam & experience shower. Luxurious finishes for the project were selected to compliment the surrounding environment, including a stunning feature wall, specialised bespoke lighting and a glossy polished ceiling.

All tiling within the pool and wellness cabins were carried out by Aqua Platinum’s sister company Aqua Platinum Tiling Contractors.

The bespoke sauna, steam & experience shower have been installed to deliver an impressive wellness area, where residents can relax & unwind after using the state-of-the-art gym.

With the heart of the filtration system (dual pumps and glass media filter) being supplied by Waterco combined with a UV secondary disinfection unit supplied by Triogen and an automatic chlorine dosing unit controlled with a Bayrol control panel, this system truly brings together some of the leading products in the industry to deliver the best possible water quality and provide the best possible wellness experience for residents.

The Aqua Platinum team are pleased and very proud of this development and look forward to welcoming residents to this little slice of wellness heaven!

For any enquiries or any further information on similar projects, or how we can help you, please do contact us Aqua Platinum.


Project Completion | 9 Millbank

Luxury wellness amenities completed in the heart of Westminster

Aqua Platinum Projects are delighted to share news about our recently completed project of luxurious wellness facilities at 9 Millbank, a statement residential address gracing the banks of the River Thames in the heart of historic Westminster.  This prestigious residential development of a collection of Grade II listed homes by Berkeley Group St Edward, with stunning views over London’s most iconic landmarks, captures the very essence of British luxury and style.

Our wellness facilities have been built to the highest specifications, offering the epitome of elegance. Featuring a deck level luxury lap pool and vitality pool with state-of-the-art filtration systems that constantly purify and maintain water quality, the vitality pool is also equipped with bespoke stainless steel air beds designed to provide gentle support and relaxation. Hydro stations are strategically positioned to promote wellbeing, while the bespoke sauna and a steam cabin are served by cutting-edge temperature control technology.

The pools feature an energy-efficient design, incorporating the latest advancements in plant room equipment. From innovative water circulation systems to energy-saving filtration, the pools’ infrastructure has been carefully created to maintain optimal performance while minimising energy consumption.

Our renowned specialist servicing team at Aqua Platinum Servicing have been awarded the maintenance contract to ensure that all amenities maintain an exceptional experience for residents. The team conduct weekly visits to inspect all aspects of the wellness facilities, ensuring that water clarity is consistently of exemplary quality and that every area meets the highest standards of functionality and comfort.

Our team is here to help you make the most of your project and start the journey to your transformed lifestyle and home. Get in touch today.

Sophie’s Legacy | Aqua Platinum Charity Football Match

Sophie’s Legacy, creating change for children’s cancer

Aqua Platinum Projects are extremely proud to be sponsoring this amazing charity, Sophie’s Legacy and be involved in the football match charity day for the second year running. Aqua Platinum Projects are the official kit sponsors and will be awarding the Aqua Platinum Cup to the winning team.

Sophie Fairall was a local girl who sadly died after a year long battle with rhabdomyosarcoma, aged just 10 years old. Please read her story on the link below.

Sophie’s Legacy is a charity created in her memory by her incredible family.

The charity will continue to support families whose children have been admitted to the hospital by providing food, toiletries, or anything else that helps families during their stay. The charity will also provide art therapy in hospital. It will continue to campaign and lobby the government, cancer charities and the NHS to create change in awareness of signs and symptoms of childhood cancer, quicker process to diagnose children, improve food standards, ensure parents are fed, and provide play specialists 7-days a week.

Sophie’s Legacy raised over £25,000 at this event last year, and this year we hope to smash that target and raise much more needed money and awareness of the charity to be able to provide these services.

The event is being held at Gosport Borough Football Club on Bank Holiday Monday 8th May 2023.

Doors open at 10.30am.
Kids match 12.15pm
Match Kick-off is 2pm.

This is very much a family event and will include the following, all donated by local businesses –
Bouncy castle
Face painting
Ice cream van
Sweet stall
Cake stall
Raffle and refreshments

Aqua Platinum Projects have been involved in many fundraising events in the last year and will continue to be in the future for this amazing cause and are honoured to have got to know Sophie’s mum, Charlotte Fairall personally over the last year, making Sophie’s Legacy our official charity, so watch this space.

Please see the ticket link below to purchase tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Design Contract Announcement | Sandbanks

Design Contract Announcement for Luxury Sandbanks Property

We have been appointed to design a bespoke indoor pool, sauna, and steam room for a complete property rebuild, working in partnership with Blanchard Wells Ltd, at a private property in Sandbanks in Dorset, one of the world’s most exclusive locations. The project design has been carried out in collaboration with the client and David James Architects & Partners Ltd.

Our design for the 12m x 4m pool employs a unique raised pool concept in order to maximise the water depth available. Stylish surround finishes are enhanced by subtly concealed LED lighting positioned within an inlay around the raised pool edge, with fine design details echoed throughout the whole environment to create a tranquil, luxury aesthetic.

A sophisticated environmental control and ducting system has been designed specifically to manage the entire indoor environment. Utilising advanced technology to optimise energy efficiency, the system monitors and takes full control of humidity, water, and air temperature.

There are so many variables to designing and building a bespoke swimming pool, that often your head can be left swimming with costs and ideas. At APP we offer a swimming pool design consultancy service that will make the process seem seamless from start to finish.

We have a wonderful team of designers, project managers, and consultants who are well versed in creating spectacular swimming pools, serene spaces, and sumptuous spas for you to enjoy year-round, ensuring that your every day is an entirely different experience than before lockdown began.

Having been commissioned to build and create many masterpiece’s our pools are both functional, stylish and utterly unique. Get in touch with the team today to start your journey to a transformed lifestyle and allow us to help you to make the most of your home.

Images provided by David James Architects & Partners Ltd.

Announcement | APP Join The Luxury Property Forum

Aqua Platinum Projects announces membership of the Luxury Property Forum

Aqua Platinum Projects are pleased to announce our membership to the Luxury Property Forum, an exclusive invite-only private members club for high-end providers to the luxury property sector.

The Luxury Property Forum acts as a champion of the top experts and influencers within luxury property and has become an invaluable resource to the industry. Members are recognised for their accomplishments and track record, whose brands align at the top end of the global luxury property market.

We join an inspiring community of specialists with unrivalled knowledge and expertise in this sector, including architects, builders, developers, engineers and interior designers.

The Luxury Property Forum’s hand-picked members are leaders in driving forward innovation and evolution within the industry. This high-calibre selection process ensures that the platform has become the go-to ‘little black book’ for the super-luxury sector.

“We are delighted to become members of this exclusive forum, joining so many like-minded luxury providers. As well as allowing us to collaborate and build outstanding connections with other non-competitive specialists in an array of disciplines who share our vision and understanding of the standards expected of the luxury market, it is the perfect platform to showcase our unique offer to the most discerning of clients.” Dominic Searle, Managing Director, Aqua Platinum Projects.

The Luxury Property Forum’s prime objective is to accelerate the respective goals of its members and develop mutual understanding across the industry. Those invited to join, not only have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience but embrace the constant evolution of the global luxury property industry and recognise the need for innovation and sustainability. The Luxury Property Forum provides a sense of community, inspiring and supporting diversity creating a genuinely inclusive culture.

Project Completion | King’s Road Park

Luxury resident amenities complete in the Chelsea Design District.

Aqua Platinum Projects are delighted to share the recent completion of Kings Road Park, a new luxury development in Fulham. Working with high-end property developers, The Berkeley Group, St William, Aqua Platinum were instructed to design and build the resident’s basement amenities.

The world-class resident facilities include a 25m swimming pool, vitality pool with stainless-steel neck cannons, powerful back massagers and curved benches, a steam room finished in granite large format tiles and a bespoke sauna overlooking the pool, experience showers, a gymnasium and studios, treatments rooms, 24hour concierge, cinema rooms, games room and a virtual golf room.

The high-end specification deck-level, 25m swimming pool includes lane demarcation to help the residents’ swimmers to define their lanes whilst swimming, gold-coated stainless-steel handrails and ladders into the pool. The pool hall is fitted with luxury striped day beds and loungers, the ultimate place for residents to relax and escape the city.

The state-of-the-art filtration systems are run from two plant rooms, one for the pool and one for the vitality room and thermal rooms due to the large scale of the project. The pools have been designed to be energy efficient with the latest plant equipment. Our servicing team Aqua Platinum Servicing attend on weekly visits to ensure the resident’s amenities are kept in the best condition and running at the highest water clarity.

King’s Road Park is transforming a hidden part of London’s heritage, creating a new sustainable neighbourhood set within a beautiful park, in Chelsea Design District. Situated just 60 metres from the iconic King’s Road and close to the River Thames, King’s Road Park is one of southwest London’s most desired locations. King’s Road Park is the last project of its scale in the South Fulham Riverside Regeneration Area.

Aqua Platinum Projects have been awarded multiple awards for our work in luxury swimming pool designs, we our latest achievement was ‘Pool Contractor of the Year 2022’. We have an experienced and approachable team of designers, project managers, and consultants. Get in touch with the team today to start your journey to a transformed lifestyle and allow us to help you make the most of your project.


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