Aqua Platinum | Poland & Ukraine Fundraiser Appeal

We’re raising £2,500 to send to Poland/Ukraine to help deal with the catastrophic refugee crisis in both countries

It is the bleakest humanitarian crisis in Europe this century, with an estimated 9 million Ukrainians and Polish likely to flee the horror.

At Aqua Platinum Projects we would like to do anything and everything we can to aid in this catastrophic situation and although our efforts may not change the lives of all, action is indeed better than inaction.

We have decided to build rafts and test the seaworthiness of said rafts and also creativity in design of the raft on Thursday 5th May 2022 somewhere along the Hamble River, Southampton. By breaking out into 3 teams and scavenging as many materials as possible from our Whiteley based warehouse, we hope our rafts both float and are capable of withholding every member of each team for a small race!

Any donation whether it be little or large will be used to provide well needed welfare products, shelter and food to those refugees affected the most. By sending raised funds to our partnered charity in Poland we have confidence this will be used most effectively to aid those most in need.

We would be immensely grateful of your support in our event and will no doubt post comical images of our challenge on completion. Please share as appropriate and here’s to making a difference.

To sponsor us here at Aqua Platinum Projects, please follow the link below to our fundraising page –