Why choose Aqua Platinum for your swimming pool project?

We all make pledges on a daily basis to work out more and look after our health and wellbeing, but at Aqua Platinum Projects we make dreams a reality, as we transform residential and commercial properties into luxurious havens in which to relax. Going beyond the ordinary, we produce extraordinary designs that evoke and inspire every day.

From creating a secluded sanctuary within the confinements of a city basement, to making the most of countryside views with a spectacular open-air swimming pool; our innovative construction techniques and designs ensure that we have a solution for everyone.

We specialise as swimming pool design consultants, fitters and more so take a look at what we do.

Swimming pool design, consultancy and construction

At Aqua Platinum Projects we create bespoke, high end luxury swimming pools and spas throughout London and Southern England, that are crafted to look like works of art. Using only the best designers, architects, artisans and materials; we can build to almost any shape or size, indoors or out, in the basement and even on the roof! And, if space is at a premium, we can also install a concealed movable floor, making your living area even more versatile.

For more information on what we can offer in the capital, please see our swimming pool company in London service page.

It is thanks to our innovative construction techniques and meticulously planned designs that we are at forefront of the aquatic leisure industry, having won multiple gold awards for our stylish and inspiring work. Because at Aqua Platinum Projects, we don’t just “dive straight in”, we take time to understand your vision and needs, bringing them to life through a series of mood boards, working drawings, design concepts, sketches, samples and CGI’s.

Floating on a dream

Here at Aqua Platinum Projects, we want to help you create your dream swimming pool. By understanding your exacting requirements, we can aim to exceed your expectations.

Providing a full spectrum of services and using a highly skilled team of individuals, we’ll ensure that we create a pool that reflects your tastes, complements your property, fulfils your needs and meets the recommended industry standards.

Moving with the times

Gone are the days when swimming pools only came in standard sizes and in limited styles. Thanks to advances in swimming pool design, construction and technology; swimming pools and spas can now be tailor-made to suit individual needs. And nothing looks more impressive than hitting a switch that magically turns an everyday room into a swimming pool.

At Aqua Platinum Projects we can assist you in maximising the space within your home thanks to our movable floor swimming pools. No longer will you have to sacrifice space in your home in order to put in a pool. Instead thanks to a floor raising mechanism, you can turn your dining room, games room or lounge into a pool in a matter of minutes and no one would know it was even there! You can even set the depth of the pool depending on who is using it.

Able to be installed both indoors and out, this type of swimming pool is particularly popular in London where space is often limited.

A sense of wellbeing

For when it’s time to relax and rejuvenate, Aqua Platinum Projects offer the perfect solution for the body, mind and soul. Able to design and install a number of indulgent, high-quality wellness facilities, you can enjoy complete rest and relaxation in the most luxurious of surroundings.

From hydrotherapy pools to spas, saunas and steam rooms you can soothe away your stress and tension. Helping you to create the most opulent setting, you can lie back on a sumptuous heated lounger, hydrate and detoxify in a banya or exfoliate in a custom-built mud or salt room… utter bliss!

Contact us

If the time is right to jump right in to start planning and building your perfect pool or spa facilities, then please contact Aqua Platinum Projects for a consultation today. Are you interested to know the cost of building as swimming pool? Find out here in our guide to installation costs across all of the swimming pools we provide.